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Dave Tauler plays 28 instruments, speaks Korean, Spanish and English, and is immersed in all three cultures.

Tauler has a degree in music performance from the University of Maryland, and works as the music teacher for Montrose Christian School in the Washington, DC, area.

The Dave Tauler Music Group #DTMGus is the outcome of a life committed to teaching, performing and creating music. Inspired by great bandleaders like Sting and Stevie Wonder, Dave needed a dynamic outlet to exercise his collection of talents, which led to the creation of the Dave Tauler Music Group. Unlike most bands, DTMG is an ever-changing collective of musicians who work interchangeably to address a variety of musical styles.

K-pop found Dave unexpectedly in 2004 when he was recruited to be bandleader and backing vocalist for Kim Bum Soo when Kim gave his premier concert in Washington, DC.

Dave continued his music career which included winning both the John Lennon Songwriting Contest and Amateur Night at the World Famous Apollo Theater.

Recently, Dave was surfing YouTube when he was captured by the melodies in “Lonely” by K-pop superstars 2NE1. Tauler was so moved by the song that he was compelled to create an original arrangement of it. DTMG will debut its neo-soul remix of “Lonely” on YouTube this Valentine’s Day.

The son of a Chilean father and Caucasian-American mother, Dave learned Korean as a 17-year old, when he began serving as a youth minister in a Washington, DC, area Korean church. He has been immersed in Korean-American culture ever since.

K-pop may have found Dave, but he has embraced it and is excited to contribute his talents and that of the Dave Tauler Music Group to the success of the movement..

Apollo Amateur Night and John Lennon Contest winner, David Tauler is a singer, songwriter, & multi-instrumentalist creating a hybrid of rock and soul.

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The Band Dave Tauler Music Group is a Composite

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From banging on pots and pans to playing in various different states, Julian Bell from the suburbs of Washington, D.C, is a singer/songwriter with various different style influences ranging from percussive pop to expressive blues.

Currently going to school in Chicago Julian is perfecting his craft and playing around the area. Writing songs about the various things that go through his head, such as life, love and everything else in between, headlining at festivals or your local coffee shop, Bell’s goal is to make music that people will love and enjoy. Julian is currently in the studio working on his debut E.P. which will be out late Spring/early Summer.


Paul's main stylistic interest is progressive rock and metal, as he was always learning from straight-ahead jazz/fusion rock and traditional classical music in the early years with two professional musician parents. Having been named for jazz saxophone virtuoso Paul Desmond and his sister for jazz piano pioneer Bill Evans, the years before high school were crucial to developing a sense of rhythm, melody, and harmonic structure from exposure to players far ahead of their time. Later though Paul moved to the more flamboyantly aggressive style of heavy metal in his adolescent years, enjoying the testosterone fueled power and attack of bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, even Queen! Yes, even Queen.

There always needed to be a strong element of melody and unique varied style even inside this often extreme genre of heavy metal though. Apropos to the jazz and Broadway exposure from earlier childhood, he eventually found that satisfaction in more progressive bands such as Dream Theater, Symphony X, and Angra. With virtuosic unique players just as individually famous as the bands they comprise, players like John Petrucci, Michael Romeo, Steve Vai, Kiko Loureiro Jordan Rudess and Mattias IA Eklundh round out a varied style of guitar players who all push the envelope musically and technically, constantly. Paul also uses Ibanez guitars and Line 6 amps exclusively, Planet Waves Cables and Dunlop picks.

It all started with piano in the tender years, with a jazz pianist father and classical piano teacher mother, the stage was set to be inundated with the absolute best from opposite spectrums of musicality. Whether it was listening to Glenn Miller records before recess or air conducting Bach and Stravinsky before his friends came over, Paul was constantly immersed in the language and ideals of music of all kinds. Constantly tagging along to his father's jazz trio gigs, or his mother's piano lessons, Paul picked up everything he heard like a sponge eventually developing good facilities on the piano by ear. Later, at his fathers' suggestion, he tried out an acoustic guitar that was sitting around the house and was taught the first few chords every child learns…it went nuts from there.

At about 16, headlong into the heavy metal phase with all his friends, his father brought home a video tape from a local consignment store. Still in the shrink wrap, this video showcased parts from the instructional videos of four virtuoso guitarists from the 1980's: Ritchie Kotzen, George Lynch, Paul Gilbert…and Yngwie Malmsteen. Having been learning Metallica songs for some time now (no small feat at that age), he was STUNNED. The guitar could be PLAYED like that?? Needless to say, he bought all four full tapes and learned everything he could from every one…practicing for hours and hours day and night every day. It all paid off by winning the first two rounds of the Guitarmageddon competition at Guitar Center.

Around 19 or so, the call of Theatre and Acting found a voice inside Paul and drew him to pursue it professionally. Having spent three full seasons with Virginia Musical Theatre, and portraying roles in several Discovery Channel documentaries, playing in bands and rock music went on hold for awhile.

These years proved crucial to developing a craving for emotion and thematic complexity in music that much of metal simply does not provide. Combining the aggression and power of heavy metal with the thematic beauty of Broadway and movie soundtracks seemed impossible…until he found the progressive metal mastery of Dream Theater one day. This style of music captivates audiences around the globe in and out, and Paul KNEW that this was it…it was where he needed to be.

Moving up to the DC metro area was now a new environment to explore music and finding new horizons. House of Echo represents a much more progressive side of Rock and Soul, and what styles and musicality Paul brings to the table is sure to launch into the next era.

Denise Johnson has played in the music industry for years, with the church being her strongest inspiration.  She formed an all girl gospel  band called Rejuvenation.  The band opened for artist like Helen Baylor, Angela & Veronica, Daryl Coley and More.  She has played for many churches and gospel organizations.

She eventually ventured into the secular industry where she was exposed to many artists and musicians.  She was asked to audition for the all girl band "Syxx", in which most of the girls where from the Salt N Pepper band called 4YP (4 Your Pleasure).  During the 4 year span,  they performed in front of Stevie Wonder, Brian McKnight and many more.

She later formed another band called "LadyRhythm".   This group of talented lady musicians also performed all over and played at Casino's, festivals, and opened for many artists. 

She has played for Iyanla Vanzant's Inner Visions WorldWide Graduations, and was contracted to Nintendo to promote and perform their music program called  "WiiMusic" 3 years ago.  She is currently preparing to go on tour with a hip hop artist and plays for David Tauler Music as well as other great local bands.  She is a proud member of Women in Jazz.  and is currently preparing for a Spring Tour with national recording artist Yo Gotti artist.

She believes that honesty and humility are important in the music industry along with good work ethics.   She loves to inspire and encourage musicians to use their creativity and God given talents to reach the world.    She encourages them all to go into business for themselves, and DO what they love !!  CREATE MUSIC.

Limitations encourage creativity.

A good artist isn't afraid to throw away a good idea.

Don't take yourself too seriously.

Musical influences
Alison Mosshart
David Bowie
Dave Grohl
Jack White
Jimi Hendrix
John Fogerty
Justin Hawkins
Tom Morello

Andrew Glaros

Music makes her heart go pitter-patter. She loves it when her voice is in the pocket, when she is lost in the moment, and when voices come together in an awe-inspiring harmony.

Growing up dancing in front of the TV and singing along to her favorite artists, it’s no surprise that music is a big part of her life.

Taylor first seriously thought about music in grade school while watching a high school musical. Inspired, she joined the school chorus and the rest is history.

Her classical background and a heart for soul make her a truly unique vocalist.

Kyra Koh, a classically trained soprano, has been singing in public for as long as she can remember. Her love of performing inspires her career in the arts. Kyra received her Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from the Benjamin T. Rome School of Music at the Catholic University of America. In 2003, she was a winner in the Urban Philharmonic's Paul Robeson Vocal Competition and was voted “audience favorite”. Kyra was a member of the Loudoun Lyric Opera and currently performs with the David Tauler Music Group.

Sky is the mastermind behind SKY MUZIK. He's been a musician for most of his life but just recently decided to rededicate his efforts to getting back into the music grind. Sky has been playing classical piano since the age of 6, and has an extremely gifted musical ear. Like literally a freakish ear... the dude has perfect pitch. Like an ambulance will go by and he'll be like "E, A, E, A, E, A..." until I tell him to stop. =P He studied under Juilliard trained concert pianist, Alan Mandel but has fallen off the wagon and now serves up cocktails in the flavors of electro pop, dance, hip hop and r&b. He's secretly a music superhero by night aka "Dr. Keys" and is on the hunt for the perfect hook to save the world from lack luster music propaganda. Having immigrated to the States at an early age, he grew up eating hamburgers, french fries and his favorite Spaghetti. You cant deny genes though, as he craves mostly Korean food nowadays, Kimchee Jjigae anyone? Be on the lookout for his projects with David Tauler Music Group as well as others in the works. Korea you ready???

It’s GOOOD TO BE A BASS PLAYER! I wouldn’t want to be on stage playing anything else!

I was born to groove! If it ain’t groovin, I ain’t interested!

I like to think that I found the bass, in reallity, it found me. My 1st instrument was the saxaphone which I played into highschool. I started cheating on the sax in the 6th grade, stealling moments with my cousin’s electric guitar but playing basslines on it. I was completely uninterested in strumming chords.


I am a transplant from Boston Mass. I got my first bass from a friend for $60 bucks. It was a fender jazz knock-off from Sears and I was thrilled. I began teaching myself how to play at that moment, a process that continues to this day, a journey with no end.

My cousin and I began making music at an early age (I was in the 6th grade). We figured out how to multi track by rigging up a couple of tape decks together, and a compulsion was born. My love for producing music and playing bass would only grow stronger as the years went by.

I started playing in bands and doing studio work in high school, playing everything from Funk, and Rock, to R & B and Gospel. I was exposed to a number of great musicians throughout the years learning valuable lessons from every person I worked with. I have traveled and recorded and produced an number of amazing artists.

My evolution as a musician began to move at light speed after high school and throughout college. I was now playing with accomplished musicians and vocalists that had tremendous talent. These are the people that had the biggest impact on my evolution as musician- much more than any single national recording artist.

My Inspirations are many and range in styles:

Cameo, Marcus Miller, Led Zepplin, Steely Dan, Queen, Fred Hammond, Sting, Miles Davis, Funkadelic, Arosmith, Foo Fighters, Jill Scott, Earth Wind & Fire, the Beatles, Stevie Wonder, The Jackson's, Jimmi Hendricks, Tribe Called Quest.

Here’s a partial list of my favorite bass players in no particular order:

National Inspirations

Marcus Miller
Aaron Mills (Cameo)
Terry Lewis (The Time)
James Jamerson
Mark Brown (Prince)
Rhonda Smith(Prince)
Fred Hammond
Chuckii Booker
Bootsy Collins
Louis Johnson
Larry Grahm
Me’Shell Ndegeo Cello
Stanley Clarke
Victor Wooten
John Pattatuchi
Paul Chambers
Daryl Jones
Mr. Mark (Slave)
Jaco Pasturious
Doug Winbush
Chuck Rainey
Will Lee (David Letterman)
Thaddeus Tribbet (Jill Scott)
Christian McBride
Gerald Albright
Waymond Tisdale
Tal Wilkenfeld
Verdine White (Earth Wind & Fire)
Esperanza Spaulding

Regional Inspirations

George Moore
Webster Roach
David Dyson
Anthony Wellington
Lorenzo Sands
Eric Minus
Scott Chambers
Cheikh Ndoye
Marcus Huber
Andrew Dunbar
George Belton
Sammy Duis
Eric Belec
Mike Echol’s
Kevin Macintire
Anthony Ryan
Candra Rutledge
Ricky Gillespie
Posido Vega

Brad Baerwald. Studio 51.

The man behind the man.

Music Feel the music

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The song, "Blue," rose out of BIGBANG's troubled times in 2011 which included a car accident for band member Daesung. Having been behind the wheel in a car crash that hospitalized my little brother, I am grateful for forgiveness and for songs like "Blue" that help us cope.

새로나온 우리의 동영상을 검색해 보세요!

Please visit the official BIGBANG YouTube channel to view all their videos including BIGBANG's original "Blue".

The DTMG Rock Remix uses copyrighted material owned by YG Entertainment and is being used for promotional purposes only and is not for sale in any way, shape, or form.

This is our first CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) live remix! Based on the enduring hymn "Amazing Grace," we've been performing it in churches, clubs, and concert halls—everywhere we play.

The DTMG proudly presents this “LIVE” video performance of their Neo-Soul remix of “Lonely” made famous by the Korean superstars 2NE1. We hope you enjoy it! Read more about it at hellokpop.

행복한 발렌타인데이 되세요! 미국 워싱턴 DC에서 활동하고 있는 우리 데이빗 타울러 뮤직 그룹은 한국의 아이돌 스타 2NE1의 "Lonely"를 네오소울 리믹스 버젼으로 여러분들께 소개하고자 합니다.

새로나온 우리의 동영상을 검색해 보세요!

Happy Valentine's Day! We're from Washington, DC, and we love this song! This is our first K-pop cover and it's our neo-soul remix of "Lonley" by Korean superstars, 2NE1.

We're performing for you our remake of Michael Jackson's "Human Nature" from the epic "Thriller" album.

This song helped me into the finals of Amateur Night at the World Famous Apollo Theater.

Thank you for your amazing support.

Our first official music video with more to come!

We're giving you our soul-roots-rock version of Gavin DeGraw's biggest hit to date, "I Don't Want to Be."

Neo-soul Whatsup

Neo-soul is a musical genre that fuses contemporary R&B and 1970s-style soul with elements of hip-hop. As its name (new-soul) implies, Neo-Soul music is essentially modern-day soul music, with contemporary attitudes and sensibilities. It differs from contemporary R&B in that it's obviously more soulful, and it also tends to have deeper messages and meanings than R&B. In general, neo-soul has remained almost exclusive to R&B outlets such as urban radio and Black Entertainment Television.

The actual term "neo-soul" is believed to have originated with Kedar Massenburg of Motown Records in the late-1990s. The genre itself however, is considered to have originated in the mid-1990s with the work of Raphael Saadiq's former band, Tony! Toni! Toné! and with "Brown Sugar," 1995 debut album of singer D'Angelo.

In 1997, Motown artist Erykah Badu released her debut LP, Baduizm, the success of which paved the way for Massenburg to shift much of Motown's output toward Badu's style.

By definition, neo-soul is a paradox. Neo means new. Soul is timeless. All the neo-soul artists, in various ways, perform balancing acts, exploring classic soul idioms while injecting a living, breathing presence into time-tested formulas. They humanize R&B, which has often been reduced to a factory-perfected product. Like sushi, neo-soul is fresh enough to be served raw.

Dimitri Ehrlich, writer for Vibe, analyisis of neo soul and its relation to soul music and contemporary R&B

K-pop whatsup

K-pop or Korean pop music refers to not only types of music but to a musical movement that swept South Korea in the early 1990s and continues to dominate.

Much of the music is similar to what you’d hear on American pop radio stations, though more often sung or rapped in Korean. In fact, early versions of Korean pop leant heavily on certain American forms, like R & B, hip hop, and a little bit of rock and techno. Boy and girl bands, sometimes called bubblegum pop are very well received, but so are the contributions of older artists.

One of the first bands thought to have influenced the wave of k-pop was Seo Tai-ji and Boys. Seo Tai-ji is actually considered an icon of pop music, along the same lines as Americans might view Michael Jackson or Madonna, particularly at the height of their careers in the 1980s.

Seo Tai-ji’s first album was released in 1992, and its danceable tunes were a huge hit. Other bands soon followed and hip-hop groups like Deux quickly gained huge audiences. Following American trends, a host of teen idols became popular by the mid 1990s, and k-pop has continued to grow.

Individual artists show considerable experimentation in their work. Idols like Seo Tai-ji have created highly danceable albums and ones that dip into heavy metal and alternative rock and contain virtually no dance tunes. In the 2000s, ballads from k-pop artists have become common, yet you can’t label k-pop as all one type of music, since individuals and bands differ so much.

One internationally recognized member of this movement is Rain, or Jeong Ji-Hoon. After starting in the boy band Fanclub, not a very popular or long lasting group, Rain turned to a solo career. The multi-talented Rain dances, sings and acts, and he has become popular not only in South Korea but in surrounding Asian countries. He’s well known in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, and even in parts of China.

Even if the US is often most concerned with music from its own country or the UK, Rain and the k-pop movement have created significant notice. Rain was named one of the 100 Most Influential People in Time Magazine in 2006. His good looks earned him a spot in the 2007 list of People Magazine’s most beautiful people.

Rain might best be described as the Korean Justin Timberlake, multi-talented and extremely popular. He has formed a vital part of hallyu. Hallyu is best described as the spreading out of South Korean popular culture, and it becoming embraced by many, especially in surrounding Asian countries. This influence explains in part Rain’s popularity in countries surrounding his own.

Much as America experienced the British invasion of rock stars in the 1960s, k-pop is certainly making its own inroads into other cultures, and many of its stars are internationally known. Though the music of k-pop often still derives from American forms, some of the more experimental artists are now adding to those forms and blending them in different ways to create wholly new music, which offers listeners all over the world a chance to hear something new and exciting.


Biography lots of stuff

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  • On February 7, 2012, DTMG independently released a sneak peek of its cover of “Lonely” which reached nearly 10,000 views in 5 days.
  • On January 11, 2012, DTMG launched its first live music video on its new YouTube channel, youtube.com/DaveTaulerMusic.
  • By 2011, David Tauler became a five-time winner of Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater in Harlem and competed for the title of Super Top Dog, Amateur of the Year.
  • Tauler's songwriting was featured in the 2010 off-Broadway production Faces—a drama about breast cancer where Tauler's song “Hear It in Your Dreams” (available on iTunes) serves as the musical theme—earning him a feature on FOX Morning News.
  • In 2009, Tauler was a winner of Washington FOX 5’s DMV Idol, earning him and his band his first feature on FOX Morning News.
  • In 2008, Tauler won the Grand Prize and Lennon Award of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest for R&B, (with over 10,000 entries).
  • In 2003, Tauler performed with the first K-pop artist to chart in America, Kim Bum Soo. In Kim Bum Soo's Washington, DC, premier concert televised on the Korean Broadcast Network (KBN), Tauler served as band leader, backing vocalist, and rapper.
  • In 2001, KBN recruited Tauler to judge an Idol-like singing competition among Korean-American teens in the Washington, DC, area. There Tauler met and judged to win a young and unknown Park Yoochun, now known as Micky Yoochun of the legendary K-pop boy band TVXQ.
  • Tauler has a degree in music performance from the University of Maryland where he also studied Korean and attended on full scholarship.

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